AR Rahman fan who brutally assaulted in Malaysia dies

June 19, 2017, Chennai

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Malaysia, June 19:  Eighteen year old T Nhaveen, an Indian-origin teenager in Malaysia who aspired to be like composer AR Rahman, has died two days back after he was brutally assaulted by five youths for being effeminate.

The attacked occurred at around 2:20 am that night when Nhaveen was accompanied by his friend T.

Previin when two people began taunting and calling them with disrespectful names. A fight broke out after insults were thrown.

Previin managed to escape the attack, but Nhaveen was dragged into a field where he was further assaulted and raped by the group for hours before they inserted a blunt object into his anus, causing severe injuries. A brother of one of the five suspected attackers later sent Nhaveen to hospital.

Doctors declared Nhaveen “brain dead” after he experienced gruesome physical and sexual assault. He died in the hospital two days back after he was pronounced brain dead. Nhaveen's death has been re-classified as murder. Police have confirmed that T. Nhaveen had succumbed from heavy blows to his head. 

Five boys aged between 16 and 18 have since been remanded and the case is now being investigated under the Penal Code for murder.

Murder, which falls under Section 302 of the Penal Code, carries a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.