Maintain your Modular Kitchen

October 26, 2014, Chennai

Modular kitchens have redefined modern homes. However, it's not an easy job to designand maintain them. Here's a quick guide to help you make a modular kitchen setup 

Plan it: When getting a kitchen designed, don't go by what appears in the store, Ask yourself if it will translate well into your space. Better yet, get a good interior designer to help you out. They can help you get the right blend of beauty and function, within your assigned budget.  Material matters: This is the most important factor. Wood-free kitchens can be made using alternative material like steel, glass, stone and Coria. Another factor to look at is thickness of the material use and the kind of support system used for the cabinets. You do not want shelves coming unhinged because of excess weight. Preference should be for high quality than price, as Indian lifestyle demands excessive maintenance of kitchen.  The look: Choose bright colors. There are variety of shades available and it must match with the color of your walls. Make sure overhead cabinets don't cast shadows on your workspace on the countertop. If they do, you should consider getting light fixtures installed under the overhead cabinet to specifically light up your workspace. The height of the cabinet and depth of the countertops should be customized. Appliances: Standard appliances in a kitchen include the sink and the faucet. For sinks, get one with good width and depth so that all your cookware can fit in straight and does not have to be kept angled. With faucets, choose one, which is tall and has a long handle for ease of use.  A variety of fixtures are available for specific items of the kitchen, like racks for the knives, plates, utensils and spoons etc. Don't forget electrical sockets, as they too can be given special space.