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Cyberabad Woman Loses ₹60 Lakh in Crackdown on Impersonation Scams

In a significant incident, a Cyberabad woman was conned out of ₹60 lakh during an overnight Skype call on May 15 by fraudsters posing as ‘Maharashtra Police’. This event underscores the growing prevalence of cyber criminals impersonating officials from enforcement agencies. Telangana’s Cyber Security Bureau has responded by blocking 137 Skype IDs and over 500 mule accounts.

The ongoing nationwide crackdown led by the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) aims to dismantle these operations, with a particular focus on tracking the money trail to halt further losses. As part of these efforts, the State successfully put on hold ₹2.8 crore in April, reflecting the scale and urgency of the crackdown against such borderless digital crimes.