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A very rare life threatening Heart tumour timely diagnosed and surgically treated :Patient walks home hale and healthy

Chennai. 23rd January, 2021: Venkataeswara Hospitals, proudly announces the timely diagnosis and efficient treatment of a 64 – year old woman, a known patient of Coronary artery disease, Systemic Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus and other multiple co-morbidities.  She was initially admitted with left upper and lower limb numbness and weakness, headache and shortness of breath and on evaluation she was found to have acute stroke – right PCA territory infarct.  On further evaluation ECHO revealed large LA myxoma measuring – 3.8 x 2.7cm attached to IAS (Inter Atrial Septum).  The Cardiothoracic surgeon advised excision of left atrial myxoma.  She was critically ill and treated for severe Urinary tract infection with Septicemia, Anemia, Coronary Artery Disease, Acute Stroke, Hypertension, Uncontrolled Diabetes and she was stabilized with medications and after stabilization, the patient was taken up for  Excision of Myxoma on 05.01.2021.  The post procedure was eventful and now she is able to attend routine daily activities. Atrial myxomas are the primary heart tumors because of non specific symptoms, hence early diagnosis may be a challenge. Annual incidence is about 1 in 20millions individuals.  Left atrial myxoma may not produce characteristic findings on auscultation. Two dimensional echocardiography, is the diagnostic modality of choice.  If undetected and untreated, these patients may land up with sudden cardiac arrest or even sudden death or multiple systemic or cerebral embolism and stroke.  Myxoma accounts for 50% of primary cardiac tumors.  Most patients are sporadic and the exact etiology is not known.

No known medical treatment exists for atrial myxoma. Drug therapy is used only for complication such as Stroke, Heart Failure, CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), Cardiac arrhythmias, etc. Operative resection is the treatment of choice for long term prognosis which is excellent.

To summarize: This atypical presentation of a very rare life threatening Heart tumour was timely diagnosed and surgically treated at our hospital, which is proved to be life saving for the patient.  The hospital wishes the patient a long and healthy life ahead !!!.


About Venkataeswara Hospital:

Venkataeswara Hospital is a multi- speciality tertiary care hospital located in the heart of Chennai city.  It is a 135 bedded hospital and a ISO 9001 : 2015 certified and NABH Accredited hospital.  The core strength of this hospital is advanced Cardiac and Critical Care services with fully equipped and spacious ICU facilities for critical care services.  The hospital has all the other important clinical specialities headed by Senior Consultants. Cardiology and Heart Care, the mainstay of the hospital, is headed by Dr. Su. Thillai Vallal, MD., DM  (Cardiology.)., FRCP., a senior  and experienced cardiologist of Chennai city.  He with his team of 6 senior Cardiologists  and 4 Cardiothoracic surgeons are in-charge of taking care of cardiac patients.  The hospital had done yeoman services during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic and has successfully treated more than 5,000 Covid patients with great success.