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De Beers Forevermark’s Icon Collection: A Brilliant Tribute to Mothers

All mothers hold a special place in the lives of their children, being a source of motivation, perseverance, creativity, bravery, and unyielding support. As Mother’s Day approaches, it presents a perfect opportunity to honor the cherished bond between mothers and their children with the classic Forevermark Icon™ Collection.

The Forevermark Icon™ Collection pays tribute to the brand’s iconic motif that has been a defining feature since its inception. The collection draws inspiration from the exquisite beauty of the stars in the South African night sky and the iconic outline of a diamond. Each piece is meticulously crafted with delicate settings and motifs that are perfectly complemented by the brilliance of De Beers Forevermark diamonds. The diamonds at the heart of each piece in the Forevermark Icon™ Collection shine brilliantly like stars in the night sky, reflecting the beauty and radiance of a mother’s love.

Crafted with a keen eye for unique style and self-expression, the Forevermark Icon™ Collection features a stunning array of sixty-two exquisite pieces. From elegant earrings to asymmetrical bangles, rings and pendants, this collection makes a perfect gift. The pieces are crafted from 18K gold in a range of shades including yellow, white, and rose gold. Each piece in the collection is a work of art, featuring intricate openwork, striking enamel details, and dazzling pavé-set diamonds, available in various shapes and sizes.

Whether you choose a piece from the collection that reflects your mother’s individual style or opt for a classic design that she will cherish for years to come, the Forevermark Icon™ Collection is a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor your mother on this special day.