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Dr Mehta’s Hospitals Upgrades Colonoscope with Latest Technology to Treat Patients Suffering from Gastrointestinal Disease due to Covid Infections

~ Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) in colonoscope ease scope handling assisting in insertion and potentially helping to reduce patient pain~

Chennai, September 3rd, 2021:  Dr Mehta’s Hospitals, a leading healthcare provider in Chennai  upgraded the colonoscope equipment with latest technology to detect and treat the patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders due to the novel coronavirus and other common diseases. The upgraded colonoscope equipment was inaugurated today at Dr Mehta’s Hospital  by Padmashri Award Winner and Multiple International Award Winner Prof. M. Ahmed Ali, Consultant Surgeon, Gastroenterologist & Proctologist in the presence of Dr R Balasubramanian, Consultant, Medical Gastroenterology, Dr Umalakshmi Premnath- Consultant, Medical Gastroenterologist, Dr Ilavarasi- Consultant, Medical Gastroenterologist, Dr B Sumathi- Consultant, Pediatric, Gastroenterology


The upgraded colonoscope will provide better delineation of the lesion  and assist in east scope handling and It offers better passive bending of the scope and variable stiffness , features that help in easy manoeuvrability and makes procedure effortless and permits better visualisation of the colonic mucosa ( interiors of the colon ). It is an ultra slim scope with an outer diameter of 13.2 mm and has a 3.7 mm biopsy channel making therapeutic procedures more fruitful. Colonoscopy is a procedure that allows the physicians to see the inside of large intestine and it is done with a flexible camera called scope. This test is done  to check out symptoms like bleeding , as well as look for polyps and possible signs of colon cancer.


The digestive issues such as  bloating, gaseousness, acidity, acid reflux, constipation, and exacerbation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS ) have become common with patients post Covid recovery, hence it is imperative to upgrade colonoscope technology which helps in diagnosis, timely decision making and significantly lowering the discomfort undergone by patients, said Prof. M. Ahmed Ali, Consultant Surgeon, Gastroenterologist & Proctologist, Dr Mehta’s Hospital. The new colonoscopy procedure places Dr Mehta’s Hospitals at par with most advanced health care units in the country  providing tertiary care in gastrointestinal disorders added Prof Ahmed Ali


The ‘ Zooming ‘feature in upgraded colonoscope adds to the diagnostic and therapeutic value of the procedure and it comes with Narrow Band Imaging , which selectively filters certain wavelengths of length and helps to assess the malignant potential of lesion especially polyps and to ascertain the potential of mucosa to turn into malignancy in the future,  Said Dr  R Balasubramanian, Consultant, Medical Gastroenterology, Dr Mehta’s Hospital. The Olympus Narrow Band Imaging in Colonoscope is an optical technology available for a variety of medical disciplines that help to visualise minutest mucosal and vascular patterns added Dr R Balasubramanian

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