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SkillsDA unveils digital forensics lab for cyber security

Chennai August 2023: SkillsDA, a prestigious cyber security training institute, has set in motion its state-of-the-art cyber security programs for school/college students and working professionals.

In an era where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the emphasis on Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) has never been more critical. India, under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been actively aligning with global strategies to fortify its cyber defenses. The recent enactment of the Data Protection Act is a testament to the nation’s commitment to safeguarding digital integrity.

In line with this national priority & Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, SkillsDA, a prestigious training institute, has inaugurated its state-of-the-art Digital Forensics & Incident Response DFIR lab in Kottivakkam, Chennai, on August 23, 2023. Dr. R. Velraj, Vice Chancellor of Anna University, who presided over the inauguration, lauded SkillsDA’s efforts in providing quality education in the field of cyber security & DFIR.

SkillsDA’s high-level DFIR lab, equipped with the latest and technically advanced tools through its technical partners eSec Forte Technologies & Lab Systems, is set to impart training to aspiring digital forensics investigators, law enforcement officers, cyber lawyers, and corporate digital security professionals. The lab’s hands-on approach, emphasized by Mr. Kottaram V Ramesh, Founder- Director & Chief Vision Officer of SkillsDA, sets it apart from other institutions, offering practical knowledge in digital forensics.

High-level DFIR lab: Kottaram V Ramesh, Founder Director and Chief Vision Officer of SkillsDA, said that Ingu’s Knowledge Academy, under the brand SkillsDA, has set up a high-level DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) lab to impart training to aspiring digital forensics investigators among studemts, law enforcement officers, cyber lawyers, and corporate digital security professionals.

Technically advanced: He also said the software and hardware tools in the lab are the latest and technically advanced ones to do precise analysis and investigations.

Hands on training: There are many institutions which are teaching digital forensics courses but they don’t have the lab for hands on training for acquiring practical knowledge. Here comes SkillsDA DIFR lab, a great place to connect and learn to become a Forensics specialist, said Sankar Vijayan, Director of SkillsDA.

Job ready course: “We are also launching a course Certified Financial Fraud Investigator for enabling aspirants to become job ready in Banking, Finance and Insurance fields, said Panchi, Additional Director of SkillsDA and in charge of the BFSI business.

Coverage of areas: The course covers core banking, cyber security, financial forensics and niche topics like e-com fraud analysis and financial statement fraud analysis, remarked Panchi.

∙The ISO accredited digital forensics lab, open to academia, industry professionals, corporates, government, and law enforcement agencies, offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and 70% practical hands-on experience.
∙The institute is also launching a Certified Financial Fraud Investigator course in addition to other DFIR courses, aimed at enabling aspirants to become job-ready in Banking, Finance, and Insurance fields. This course, covering core banking, cyber security, financial forensics, and niche topics like e-com fraud analysis, aligns with the global strategies to combat
financial fraud.
∙The DFIR Lab has Make in India (MII) DRONA Series Forensic Workstation Manufactured by Esec Forte Technologies. In addition, the lab also has other MII products like ICVPro, myFRT, CoinSpector from Karpuragaurai Technologies.
∙Equipped with software & hardware solutions for tackling different types of DFIR use cases. The lab has legacy Disk, mobile & other forensic equipment it also has Damaged Disk recovery facility, Cryptocurrency Investigation, Audio & Video Authentication Lab
∙With more than 10,000 students trained across 374 colleges, SkillsDA’s collaboration with NAAN Mudhalvan and NASSCOM Foundation reflects its pioneering role in delivering comprehensive IoT training across 35 districts.
Online and offline training: SkillsDA conducts online as well as offline training in various cyber security verticals comprising Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Banking, Digital forensics, to name a few.

Open to academia and others: The newly inaugurated Digital forensic lab is open to academia, industry professionals, corporates, government and law enforcement agencies. Colleges and other educational institutions can empower their students with the knowledge gained from Digital forensics as around 70% of practical hands-on experience in course curriculum is sure to help everyone towards charting their future growth.

Bottom line: To be precise, the Digital forensics lab is equipped with the latest forensic tools for detecting audio, video, disk, mobile and social media forensics.

Quotes & Testimonial:
S. Venkatesan
Managing Director: Lab Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
“In an era of complex cyber threats, the inauguration of SkillsDA’s DFIR lab is a beacon of progress. By emphasizing on practical knowledge and aligning with the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, we are laying the foundation for a future where digital forensics and incident response are integral to our national security strategy.”

Lt Col (Dr) Santosh Khadsare (Retd)
Vice President: DFIR eSec Forte Technologies
“The association of digital evidence with every crime calls for detailed digital forensic analysis. With government cyber forensic laboratories facing a huge backlogs, the role of private laboratories has become crucial. SkillsDA’s DFIR laboratory serves as an important catalyst in this endeavor.”