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Awaara- Movie review

“Awaara”, produced and directed by Raj Kapoor in 1951, is still watched with great interest , and is considered a classic ,It is perhaps the best movies of Raj Kapoor both as a director and an actor. Its appeal lies in the fact that is a neat package of entertainment and a social message. One wonders to think that its lead song ‘Awaara Hoon’ is still crooned by Russians and many others in the East European countries. The story of ‘Awaara’ revolves around Raj (Raj Kapoor) , who is brought up in slum, after his mother’s forceful ouster from her home by his father (Prithviraj Kapoor), a wealthy judge, on the suspicion of infidelity. Raj is thrown out of school , and is separated from his friend Rita (Nargis). he is turned into a thief and cheat by a petty criminal Jugga (K.N Singh), who has a score to settle with the judge. The case comes Fate brings Raj into contact with Rita , now a lawyer, defends him. Raj to kill Jagga. The case comes up before his fater, and Rita ,now a lawyer, defends him. Raj loses his mother and rediscovers his father. He is given a three year sentence. The protagonist of the movie, Raj explodes in the rage when he is treated like a vagabond. He does everything to regain his lost pride and win legitimacy. There are memorable scenes of love and romance between the hero and the heroine. Raj Kapoor was only 27 when he made this film. The young 22 year- old Nargis looks ravishing . what hs made the movie an everlasting delight is its music by the pair of Shanker- Jaikshan. ‘Dum Bhar Jo Idhar Muh Phere’ is a very well shot song. who can forget the song depicting a dream sequence- Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi ? Another song that continues to charm as is Aa Jao Tadhpte Hain Armaan, Music is what you cannot seprate from ‘Awaara’, and beautiful Nargis, too. She carries the movies on her shoulders, though the focus in on Raj Kapoor. The story by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas makes it a significant work with a social message, that nobody is born a thief or an Awaara (Vagabond). Even though the cinema has advanced a lot technically, and the film viewers have become mature than even before , the films like ‘Awaara’ are not dated.