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Bhangra Paa Le- Movie Review

A couple of high-energy dance sequences are not surprisingly the only highlights of this film, which tries rolling in basic dance flick formula with a coming-of-age storyline, a hint of the battle of the sexes, the usual mush and melodrama routine, and an absolutely forced undercurrent of nationalism.

The trouble with “Bhangra Paa Le” is you have seen all of the above once too often – at times in the same package, as well as separately in Hindi films. The film has no USP, unless you count the fact that it marks the entry of Vicky Kaushal”s brother Sunny Kaushal into the realm of commercial Bollywood films.

Honestly, Sunny and his debutant co-star Rukshar Dhillon would seem like the only reasons why you might find the film somewhat endearing. The greenhorn actors are earnest in their efforts — especially in the dance sequences — as an otherwise predictable film ambles along.

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