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Commando 3- Movie Review

“Commando 3″ tries doing too many things. It tries serving an extra-large dose of pop patriotism, because that”s the flavour of the season and the hero is a special-op commando. It tries being a larger-than-life Bollywood action film of the eighties, and also a designer, new-gen Hollywood thriller. More than anything else, the film tries to be a faithful sequel, because that”s where the money lies.

The outcome is a storyline that takes too many liberties to accommodate all of the above, and is as incoherent as it is illogical.

In this new sequel, Vidyut Jammwal returns as the eponymous Commando, Karanveer Singh Dogra, who is out to thwart yet another menace that threatens to destroy India. This time, he is fighting against time to foil a plot of Jihadi terror.

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