Even Salman’s film was titled ‘Mental’: Kangana

Actress Kangana Ranaut says the change in title for her upcoming film “Judgmental Hai Kya?”, which was earlier called “Mental Hai Kya”, is a result of nepotism and power play in the Hindi film industry.

Commenting on the movie’s title change, Kangana told the media here: “I think whenever it is anything to do with Kangana Ranaut, people have a problem with it. Since I am an outsider, even if I breathe, people have a problem. But we outsiders also have learnt to make our way without creating a problem. Even (one of) Salman Khan’s film which was a remake of a south Indian film, was named ‘Mental’.

“There was no problem then, but now we are told that very recently, the word ‘mental’ is banned, so we did not have that much choice. But we truly believe that we have made a good film. Our film has got a U/A certificate. We have faith in our intentions. A small change of the title will not make a difference.”

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