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Game Over- Movie Review

There is blood on the hands of all of us, who quietly watch women and children being brutally violated and then we move on saying, ‘It can’t be helped’

This theme of helplessness sows the seeds of Game Over, a splendid heart-in-the-mouth suspense thriller which turns the concept of women’s empowerment on its head, as the female hero Swapna (Tapsee Pannu) tackles the demons in her own head before training her guns on the satanic criminals who prowl outside her window on the streets waiting for their prey.

Game Over cuts its plot into to neat halves. In the first-half we see Tapsee, in her element from the word ‘go’, dealing with a trauma in her past that comes back to her every year on New Year’s eve. There is no escaping the vicious circle of crime and karma. Swapna learns about the inevitability of the destiny the hard way.

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