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Godzilla: King of the Monsters- Movie Review

The best visual in the entire film is the last shot before the end-credits. It is picture perfect, impressive and iconic. That image stays with you while the rest of the narrative blurs as you leave the theatre.

King of the Monsters, the third Godzilla film to be produced in Hollywood. It is a sequel to the 2014 film Godzilla and is also the thirty-fifth in the Godzilla Franchise. Wrapped as a techno-thriller, the series is supposed to be a fabled nightmare, but alas what we get here, is a worn-out edition of the pounding-sound packed, action drama that fails to excite.

The story is complex and the plot convoluted. The narrative focuses on the struggles of the Russell family. Five years after the destruction of San Fancisco, where they lost their son Andrew, mum Emma (Vera Farmiga) and dad Mark (Kyle Chandler) are estranged. Their daughter Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) lives with Emma in an Outpost in the Rainforest Jungles of China.

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