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Love Aaj Kal- Movie Review

You know the gig if you have seen “Love Aaj Kal” 2009. There are two love stories, across two time frames, driving home the point that love these days is very different from what it used to be. And then, after the generational gap between romances then and now has been dissected over 140-odd minutes, writer-director Imtiaz Ali ends up with a message that”s not exactly original: Love is a process, a journey. If love is honest, it will find a way.

For Ali, a tale of love invariably becomes a scope to spew pop philosophy too, about self, selflessness, identity, soul and soulmate. It was an idea that he tapped in “Highway”, “Tamasha” and ”Rockstar”, and even “Love Aaj Kal” 2009, which he goes about reinventing with his new effort. Larger reflections about life continue to find resonance in this remixed tale of mush, too, although the idea seems less impactful this time.

Thematically, and broadly in terms of execution, the new “Love Aaj Kal” is the same film, although the two plots sustaining the runtime are different from the original.

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