Or Else! The way INOX appeals to producers

A lot of the filmmakers are planning to release their films on various OTT platforms, while some have already gone ahead and done it, in the present circumstances when all cinema outlets have been closed down since March 14 this year due to the COVID-19 virus.

This closure has also made people seek other sources of entertainment. While compelled to sit at home with little else to do, people have taken in a big way to watching content on OTT platforms, and there are scores of them available, some come as an extension of their television or video content, for which they already held the rights, and others with sanctioned content made in India. That many of them have unlimited international content is a plus for those who like to explore such content.

The television channels are not much of an alternative since the closedown, as the closedown also includes production activities and the channels are compelled to rerun old content.

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