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Out Of Love- Movie Review

For a large part of its playing time, “Out Of Love” looks like banal take on infidelity. Except that here, the suspicious wife Meera won’t take the betrayal lying down. As played by the very talented Rasika Dugal, Meera epitomises the mythic hell of a woman scorned. So intense is her abhorrence of her husband’s infidelity that she descends into a kind of vendetta that seems increasingly ridiculous and cheap.

It came as a surprise to know that this hysterical series is adapted from BBC’s “Dr Foster”. I decided to watch some of that. And here is the fundamental difference between the two that makes all the difference. In “Dr Foster”, the wife’s suspicion and revenge are placed in a cultural and geographical perspective where her actions seem guided by an environment that fosters an aggressive protest against domestic treachery.

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