Synopsis of the webseries My Girlfriend is an Alien

Hero is an entrepreneur and very rich in his city and has no mother but a father who remarried. Stepmother has a boy who is the younger brother of the hero and both are very affectionate and brotherly concerned with each other. Since his father is getting old, his elderly son has to undertake the management of the company and run the family but his stepmother is very jealous of the hero and the wealth of her husband as well.

Hero has the most dangerous disease that is short-term memory loss and he saves the events and happenings of day-to-day life in a USB. The hero was fully drunk and unfortunately hit the tree while driving and dies. The alien saw this dying man and came to the earth and gave him a second life. But the alien is unable to return as it used the crystal device to save the hero and left it with him.

After some time, the alien went in search of the hero, to get the device to go return to its planet. In this course, the alien understands that things are very different on earth and joins the restraint to survive life. Later, the alien starts a living by working. On a day, the alien finds that the hero used the crystal device for the success of his enterprise. The love between the hero and the alien, and the rescue of the device befalls the rest of the story.