Taapsee: There”s nothing like a slap ”out of love”, it”s aggression

Actress Taapsee Pannu is gearing up for her upcoming release “Thappad”, and she asserts that the act of slapping amounts to violence, disrespect and, to an extent, a controlling nature, whether it involves a parent and a child, or husband and wife. She adds that a slap can never be an expression of love, ever.

“I think no one takes a stand against the disrespect of women, including women themselves. Standing up against it is the need of the hour. Women who are living in poor economic condition cannot stand up because of their conditioning and financial dependency on their spouses. They have no place to go and they do not earn money, so they deal with disrespect and torture every day. In elite society, they refuse to address the issue only because they look at it as social embarrassment and (feel that) it hampers their image of a perfect family!” Taapsee told.

She added: “The fact is, whether it is one slap or several more slaps or other acts of domestic violence, it all comes from a place of disrespect and discrimination. There is nothing called a slap out of love. No, never!”

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