5 Best Skin Care Products for Glowing Skin

1. Strawberry Cream Moisturizer by Fruity Skin:

This is a light moisturizer packed with the freshness of strawberries. It is easy on the skin and it goes into the pores to rejuvenate the skin from within. Its light texture does not feel overbearing and the gentle fragrance of strawberries lingers long after application. Most importantly it provides the skin with ample moisture and ensures dryness remains at bay. Continuing with the fruit theme it is also available in the banana variant.

2. Apricot Scrub by Clean+Cream:

This face scrub is packed with the goodness of apricot extract. It exfoliates the skin from within, removes the dust particles, and sheds skin cells. It also helps in getting rid of those pesky blackheads! It contains glycolic acid – which also aids in slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product comes highly recommended by dermatologists and it is easy on the wallet too, while other scrubs will set you back by at least 500 rupees for 100 grams, this retails for only 150 rupees for the same quantity, making it very affordable.

3. Aloe vera Gel by Nature Ayurveda:

Aloe vera Gel helps in cooling and soothing the skin and it has minimal preservatives and chemicals! When the skin is subjected to extended exposure to the sun it tends to get inflamed. It becomes red and itchy and using heavy makeup products to alleviate its appearance inflames it even further. In such a scenario aloe vera gel is a pleasant tool to combat it. Not only does it hydrate the skin and combats skin irritation, but it also suits all skin types – be it oily, dry, or combination – making it a smart purchase since it can be shared by multiple people.

4. Night Cream by Glenvit Beauty:

During the daytime, the skin is subjected to various trials and tribulations such as sunlight, harsh lights, UV rays, dust, and pollution. The Glenvit Night Cream is designed to undo this during the night. It comprises diverse ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil, and retinol – each of these ingredients aid in different areas. The cream smoothes the skin, recalibrates the cells that protect the skin during the daytime to maximize efficiency, removes fine lines, and helps the skin in moisture retention.

5. Vitamin C serum by Pramin Beauty:

This serum has antioxidant properties that give the face a glow. It helps reduce pigmented and discolored skin patches and evens out the skin tone. The serum has a fine consistency that spreads over the skin consistently and quickly gets absorbed – thus not feeling heavy or giving a sweaty finish to the face. It also has SPF 30, so it can be worn outside, thus negating the need to purchase sunscreen.