Freedom Of Expression

Freedom of expression is the pillar of democracy. It is fundamental right enjoyed by all citizens of a democratic society. It implies the freedom to say, write and print. In autocratic societies, people are robbed of this right, or there are several curbs on their right to free speech. In communist countries, for example, people can not openly criticize their leaders or their right to free speech. In communist countries , for example, people can not openly criticize their leaders or the system of governance. Anybody who challenges the people in power are put behind bars, tortured or killed.

Freedom of expression is essential for social, political, economic and even cultural development. It allows and accepts diversity and pluralism. It is only because of the free media that they government feels accountable to the people for its actions and decisions. The R.T.I. Act in India has empowered the common man to know what is going on in the corridors of power.

But this freedom of expression need to be enjoyed in a responsible manner both by the common people and media. The problem arises when irresponsible and harmful statements are made in the name of freedom of expression. In the present day India many regional leaders undermine the concept of nationalism with their irresponsible statements. Similarly, in the name of freedom of expression, TV channels show vulgar, anti social and even anti national programs. News and views are distorted freely because there is no fear of any authority.

Sometimes even such responsible persons as writers and artists misuse freedom of expression. If we are free to say, write or create anything, we should keep in mind that we do not hurt the feelings or undermine the beliefs of others. Some writers and artists ridicule the cultural practices of some people or the religious leaders held in high esteem by a group of people. Their irresponsible creation in the name of freedom cause social and political disturbances and violence at times. Therefore, freedom of expression is good only if we use it in a responsible manner.