Get your skin, hair care tips right this winter

While women are very particular about getting that extra care during winter, men nowadays have become equally mindful of their hair and skin. So, instead of testing and trying new hacks every now and then, start with the basics.

Aparna Santhanam, consultant dermatologist, True Roots botanical hair tonic, and Aalim Hakim, chief styling officer, StudioX complete men’s grooming range, list tips to help you get through the chilly weather

* For her:

* Boost your skin confidence: Hydration and moisturizing is essential for your skin, especially with the cold air making the skin severely dry. It’s a lesser known fact that coconut is great for the skin and has a number of uses. Using a light-weight body lotion enriched with coconut butter will not only keep your skin feeling supple and well-protected, but also gives your skin a party-ready glow.

* Nourish your roots: Your hair is the next in line after your skin that bears the brunt of the chilly air. Be it frizziness of hair or dandruff, the root problem is lack of ample nourishment. Oiling regularly with a coconut-based hair oil keeps the moisture levels up and the dryness away. To nourish your hair deeper, use a botanical spray with chamomile extracts, this will increase the lustre of your hair and give it a great texture. For those of you who are seeing some silvery strands on your head, chamomile is a wonder ingredient and is also a great way to increase the melanin level in your roots thus delaying the process of greying.

* Soothe your lips: Lips tend to get chapped, dry and red in winters. Use a home-made sugar scrub with a little coconut oil over your lips to gently remove dead skin and leave them with a soothing feel.

For him:

* Hydrate. hydrate. hydrate: Though this may seem like a very basic tip, most of the times we tend to overlook this. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is essential to avoid dehydration which helps in keeping the body hydrated inside out. Dehydration can show on the skin and make your skin act up with irritation or dryness. So make sure you have at least 2-3 litres of water in your diet every day.

* Good quality equals good style: Use a good quality hair shampoo which will cool down your scalp and leave it feeling clean. The right shampoo helps give your hair a perfect balance of softness, smoothness, and volume needed for everyday superior styling. While styling your hair, use a wax post-shower so that it catches on well and gives your hair a fresher look. Men with a mane, don’t neglect your beard. Use a beard serum to style it into the desired look you want to achieve.

* Get fresh with face wash: Daily bathing soaps are a big no-no as they dry out the skin and sometimes cause redness. A well-groomed man needs to be particular about his overall look from head to toe. Use a face wash that helps cleanse grime and pollution, brightens your skin and most importantly gives it a burst of aqua cooling with a refreshing fragrance.

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