Healthy Homemade Ragi Dosa- Recipe

The Healthy Homemade Ragi Dosa Recipe is a twist to a regular dosa you would make at home which typically is ground along with rice and dal and then fermented. Here we have Ragi seeds, which is soaked along with the rice and then ground and fermented along with the ground urad dal.

You can use a combination of millets like jowar, bajra, foxtail or even barley and the dosa batter will taste and turn out just as great. Like all idli and dosa batters, you can also make your favourite masala dosa, idli, uttapams, paniyarams and much more.

Serve Healthy Ragi Dosa along with Thakkali Vengaya Sambar, Tomato Onion Chutney and Coconut Chutney, it tastes absolutely delectable.

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