How to fight post-festive woes

Festival time is when everybody gets busy shopping, eating the best of sweets and dancing till the wee hours. But dealing with the hangover of good times can be tricky, day experts who have suggested some quick ways to handle it.

Sujit Paul, Managing Director, StayHappi pharmacy and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Co-founder of list down some options that can help in fighting post-festive woes.

* Detox: Reduce the intake of salt, sugar and refined flour as by now your system is overloaded with these. Make fresh and seasonal fruits your choice for snack items, change your dinner time menu to a bowl of soup and salad and keep in mind that the lighter you eat, the more rested your system will feel. Lastly, sip on 2 cups of green tea through the day

* Splurge on a high-quality sleep inducing mattress: After a tiring day of pandal hopping and meeting your friends and family, you might be yearning for good sleep at the end of the day when you hit the bed. In that case, you must splurge on a well-designed and comfortable orthopaedic foam mattress that guarantees hours of blissful sleep.

* Seek connection: It could be a partner, pet or a simply a couple of friends. You just spend 4 days with 4500 smiling people. Don’t suddenly isolate yourself, which can be like a sudden air pocket drop, hence stay connected.

* Get into nature: Remember how nice if felt to be outside for so many hours in the day? Go for a hike, read a book in the sun or do a park picnic with friends, but yes, after your body have rested.

* Get your routine back: Make a conscious effort to go back to your pre-sleep routine -1 be it of a lukewarm water bath, your skin care routine, brushing and cleaning your mouth and reading from a physical book (not a screen), that sends subliminal signals to your brain that this is sleeping time.

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