Jewellery choices of the modern-day woman have evolved: Designer

Jewellery designer Neety Singh, who has unveiled a new wedding and festive collection, feels that modern women are willing to experiment while accessorizing themselves as their choices have evolved over the years.

“Jewellery choices of the modern-day woman have evolved over the years; they are willing to experiments and go beyond conventional designs. Today the woman are realising that less is more and pick quality over quantity,” Singh told IANS over an email.

“Today, the demand for precious and semi-precious stones have increased and women not just focus on buying gold or diamond. They are aware of the trends and have their own style, which in turn help all the jewellery designers to come up with new designs and trends,” she added.

When asked how things are changing in terms of jewellery business in India over the years, she says that minimal is more for regular wear but customers are unabashed about bold jewellery when it comes to occasions.

“A woman wants the heads to turn. It is all about keeping your jewellery more subtle and more attractive it will look and will create an impact with your complete look.

“A simple bead neck piece cannot just work great with your ethnic wear but for your dresses and heavy party wear it can go well with everything if paired well with the right colours,” she said.

Talking about her line, Singh says that “Neety Singh Jewellery collection comprises of yellow gold, different shades of unconventional blue sapphire lapis/ yellow sapphire and some amazing oversized ear studs/ kaan phool. Jadau’s with diamonds and ruby’s covering chic to boho to classic; the jewellery stands out for all the genres.”

She also says that today with the new trends, the semi- precious stones are not just considered a must in your jewellery piece but the combination of precious stones and semi- precious stones are now ruling the trends.

“Be it cocktail rings, bold opulent pieces or chandelier earning the variety of semi stones are refreshing and original. One signature semi- precious piece can help in complementing any outfit,” said Singh.

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