Nepalese Style Dhal Bhat- Recipe

Nepalese Style Dhal Bhat Recipe a very classical combination of dal and rice that is usually served side by side as lunch meal. It is very similar to the Dal – Chawal that is famous in north India. But the dal that is prepared in Nepal is quite different. They usually add freshly ground Indian spice and is fried for few minutes and later on it is mixed along with cooked moong dal. The flavor of whole spice like, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves will help in adding a nice warm and soothing aroma to the dal. It is a tradition that the dal bhat is served along with “vegetable tarkari or torkari” to make it a complete and rich meal.

Serve the Nepalese Style Dhal Bhat Recipe along with cauliflower and aloo subzi or baby corn and carrot subzi by the side to make it enriched meal.

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