Role of gadgets in children’s lives

We are living in a digital world full of gadgets. Most of our time is consumed by gadgets as we are dependent on gadgets for our day to day life even for our smallest requirement. Gadgets have made our life more easy but increased our obesity. Artificial Intelligence is spreading like virus to our lives.

These days we need gadgets to take care of walk, food intake, water intake even for sleep cycle. People are more likely to wear digital watches that can count their heart rate, their steps and kilometers they walked in a day. There are gadgets available from newly born child to old age person. Parents are using digital baby sleeper which keeps little movement so that baby can feel human touch. This device is made in such a way that baby is secure and there is no risk of falling at all. Because of such devices, parents can save their time and manage other work while baby is sleeping. Moreover, it is very easy to teach toddler via gadgets by showing them pictures and with the help of device like ‘Alexa’ that can talk with them and make them learn about things. Furthermore, gadgets have made our lives convenient to save spaces and today lots of study material can be kept in single drive and carried and transfer from one place to another. Also, there is no requirement to carry load of books in backpacks as e-books are available in laptops and tablets.

But with the positive results, there are some demerits as well which we can not ignore. As kids are indulged into gadgets since childhood, it is very obvious they lack interests in outdoor playing and lack in concentration. Most often kids demand to watch television program while eating food or studying. Teeners also gets very attracted towards video games. Some video games are so addictive that kids get addiction of them and they leave all other activities as well as studies even sometimes skip meals just to play video games online. Parents should be very careful while introducing gadgets to kids so that they can prevent such addictions.