The love towards the photography

One can pursue many hobbies such as gardening, coin and stamps collection, reading, writing etc. Photography is another body which gives us immense pleasure. Once it was very costly because good cameras were very expensive, almost out of the reach of even middle class people. Moreover, developing photographs and putting them into presentable frames or album was a very long, complicated and costly affair. Now digital and video- cameras have revolutionised the field of photography. Using such a camera is not a very difficult task. As most of such cameras provide you a glimpse of what you are clicking. You can alter or modify your focus to obtain best results. Video cameras with telescopic cameras can be used to take photographs of distant objects which are not easy or advisable to approach. Major Dugmore was the first photographer to use camera to shoot wild animals in their natural habitats. He had to get suitable cameras prepared to click wild animals in America and Africa. On a wild Safari in East Africa, he took photographs of lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras and giraffes for the first time. It was very risky. But with the availability of more and more sophisticated cameras people have taken rare photographs of wild life. One can see and enjoy then on ‘Discovery Channel’ and ‘Animal World ‘. Landscape photographs are easy to take. Beautiful scenes such as sunset or sunrise, the rainfall, the advent of a storm, cloudy sky, the moon and the stars with clouds are good subjects for an amateur photographer. The beauty of modern photography is that we can see photographs are our photographs on a TV or computer screen anytime. Huge albums are now the things of the past. Family photographers are our best mementoes. Looking at the photographs of our grandparents or parents who are no more, or a place where we lived or stayed for some time fills our mind with a sense of nostalgia. We are transported to bygone era.Thus, photography in its modern avatar is perhaps the best hobby we can pursue our spare time. It is a rich source of thrill, excitement and joy.