Tobacco Harms!

Every one knows that tobacco is harmful for health. The recent news smoking percentage is low than before. How ever there are many people who addicted to smoking everyday. If this is you ,or you know someone that is having a very difficult situation putting down the tobacco, check these facts about tobacco and your own health.
Cancer is one of the major sickness that tobacco brings into your life. If you are a smoker then the lung cancer enters into your beautiful life and destroys everything which you build for many years.. If you use chewing tobacco or snuff, it can lead to moth or esophageal cancer. Even tobacco Causes Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
If you use smoke or chewing type of tobacco, it can also lead to gum disease. Some of those particles go to your mouth. It means the gums and teeth take the burnt force of the bad from the products. It also leads to stain teeth. While this one is not a specific concern for your health, it can lead to a poor self image and diminished mental health.
Tobacco can also taken to troll on your skin . Basically it dries you out and also makes premature wrinkles, cracks, age spots on the skin. What is the cur? Need to stop tobacco.
Nicotine in tobacco makes tobacco highly addict to it. If you start with tobacco, it is very difficult to stop tobacco. Obviously leads to health problems, but can also add more health stress to your self. The stress of health problems or stress of quitting can make tobacco a problem that puts a lot of strain on your mind and body.
If you are addicted to tobacco, it is not very late to give it up. Consult a doctor, or use a product to help you give it up the product for good. You can even have chewing gums to avoid tobacco or else have some chocolate candies in your mouth when you really want to chew tobacco, please do not forget your family who loves you more.
Tobacco can only gives you harm to your life, so quit now and save your health in the future. Live long live happy!