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23-year-old arrested in Thiruvottiyur for uploading obscene photos of women on social media

Two individuals have been apprehended by the Cyber Crime police for posting explicit photographs of women on social media platforms. Following a case registration, authorities discovered the involvement of a co-worker in the creation of fake accounts for posting objectionable content.

The arrested individual, identified as 23-year-old Tamil Maran from Thiruvottiyur, was taken into custody based on a complaint lodged by the victim. The Cyber Crime police acted swiftly to address the issue of online harassment and ensure justice for the affected woman.

Such actions serve as a reminder of the importance of cyber safety and the need to combat cybercrime effectively. The arrest sends a strong message that such offensive and invasive acts will not be tolerated in society. The authorities are committed to taking appropriate legal action against those responsible for engaging in such activities.