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8-year-old attempted stunt from the Krrish movie ended up in a hospital

In a shocking incident at a school in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, an eight-year-old Class 3 student attempted to imitate a daring stunt from the Bollywood movie ‘Krrish’ and jumped from the first-floor railing during school hours. The incident occurred at the Dr. Virendra Swaroop Education School on Wednesday.

The student, who is the son of a drug manufacturer and hails from Anil Colony in the Babu Purva neighborhood, was seriously injured and immediately rushed to a private hospital. The entire incident was captured on the school’s CCTV cameras.

According to reports, the young student was inspired by Hrithik Roshan’s character in the movie ‘Krrish,’ who could safely land on his feet after performing similar stunts.