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A 90-year-old woman had Rs 1 lakh electricity bill for living in a shed

Girijamma, a 90-year-old resident of Bhagyanagar in Koppal City, was left astounded when she received an exorbitant electricity bill amounting to Rs 1 lakh. Living in a modest shed, the shock of such an astronomical bill came as a great surprise to her.

Girijamma, who leads a simple life, was unaware of any extraordinary electricity consumption that could justify such an enormous amount. The sudden burden placed upon her, due to the staggering bill, has raised concerns about the accuracy of meter readings and billing practices. Local authorities and electricity distribution companies have been urged to investigate the matter and provide an explanation for this shocking incident.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring transparency and fairness in utility billing processes to protect vulnerable individuals like Girijamma from undue financial strain. Efforts are being made to resolve the issue and rectify any potential errors that may have led to this unprecedented electricity bill.