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A daughter in Ramanagar district hacked her father to death

In a shocking incident in Ramanagar district, a daughter brutally hacked her father to death in Nayidole village of Channapatna taluk on Tuesday. The victim, Huchcheeraiah, 68, was killed by his daughter, Pushpa, 30, who then disappeared from the spot.

Pushpa, a homemaker, had returned to her parent’s house after a dispute with her husband some years ago and had been mentally disturbed. The tragic incident occurred during dinner when a heated argument broke out between the father and daughter.

In a fit of rage, Pushpa picked up a hoe and struck her father on the head, causing him to collapse immediately. Neighbors who heard the commotion rushed to the scene and alerted the Channapatna Rural police. The police have initiated an investigation and launched a search operation to apprehend the accused daughter.