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Allahabad High Court Clarifies Hindu Marriage Ceremony

In a significant ruling, the Allahabad High Court emphasized that the ritual of ‘kanyadaan’ is not a prerequisite for solemnizing a marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act. Justice Subhash Vidyarthi, presiding over the case, underscored that only the ‘saptapadi’ or seven steps ceremony is indispensable for a Hindu marriage to be legally binding.

The court’s verdict, issued on March 22, stemmed from a revision petition filed by Ashutosh Yadav, who contested the absence of a ‘kanyadaan’ ritual in his marriage. According to the court, the absence of ‘kanyadaan’ does not invalidate the marriage, as it is not deemed essential under the Act. Consequently, the ruling clarifies the legal requirements for Hindu marriages and sheds light on the significance of ceremonial rituals in marital proceedings under Indian law.