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American Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted at Ashram in Kollam, India

Officials reported that a 44-year-old American woman staying at an ashram in Kollam, India, was allegedly sexually assaulted by two men. The incident took place on Monday, August 2, when the woman was sitting at a beach near Kollam. According to the victim, the two men approached her and offered her a cigarette, which she declined.

They then befriended her and showed her a bottle of liquor. Subsequently, they took her to a house where they offered her drinks, after which she fell unconscious. Upon waking up, she realized that she had been assaulted and immediately informed the ashram authorities, who promptly reported the matter to the local police.

The police swiftly took action, apprehending the two men named Nikhil and Jayan from the locality and recording their arrest. The accused will be presented before a local court later in the day to face charges related to the alleged sexual assault.