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Army Major and Wife Arrested for Torturing Minor Girl; Mother Claims Daughter Kept Naked and Forced to Eat Garbage

Major Shailendra Yadav and his wife, Kimmy Ralson, have been arrested in Assam’s Dima Hasao district on charges of brutally torturing a minor girl who worked as domestic help in their home. The victim’s mother has alleged that the accused couple subjected her daughter to extreme torture, including keeping her naked for hours and forcing her to eat garbage from the dustbin.

The girl, who was returned home, suffered broken teeth, burn marks on her face, and had her ears mutilated. Medical examinations revealed severe injuries, including shattered teeth, a fractured nasal bone, a severe tongue cut, and multiple burn marks on her body, indicating prolonged abuse over six months. The accused couple has claimed that the injuries were accidental, but they face charges under multiple sections. Child rights activists have decried the violence against children in this case.