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Avadi TNHB residents want a better drinking water network and amenities

Residents of Avadi TNHB (Tamil Nadu Housing Board) in Chennai staged a demonstration demanding a drinking water network and improved amenities in their locality. With approximately 6,500 houses in the layout since 1993, the residents expressed their discontent over the lack of progress in implementing a drinking water scheme that was initiated back in 2008.

Specifically, they highlighted the absence of a water supply network in wards 40 and 41, causing inconvenience and hardships for the residents. Despite the passage of several years, no significant steps have been taken to address this issue, leading to frustration among the affected community.

The residents emphasized the urgent need for the authorities to expedite the implementation of the water supply system to ensure access to safe and reliable drinking water. Furthermore, they stressed the importance of better amenities to enhance the overall living conditions in their locality.