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Basin Bridge Junction in Chennai Faces Heavy Traffic Congestion

The Basin Bridge junction, a crucial thoroughfare for residents of north Chennai, is grappling with severe traffic congestion during peak hours. The heavy traffic has led to slow movement of vehicles inch by inch, prompting many commuters to take longer routes to avoid the logjam. Over the years, the densely populated locality around the Basin Bridge junction, compounded by the closure of the Elephant Gate bridge for construction, has exacerbated the traffic situation.

The closure of the Elephant Gate Bridge has rerouted vehicles, including heavy ones, towards the already congested Basin Bridge junction. Traffic diversions have been implemented in the area to mitigate congestion, such as blocking vehicles from Basin Power House Road to Mint and directing them to take an alternate route via Basin Bridge-Erukkancheri High Road and make a U-turn under the Vyasarpadi flyover.

However, commuters have expressed their discontent, claiming these diversions lead to longer travel times and fuel wastage. The narrow road near the intersection exacerbates the problem. Suggestions have been made to construct a causeway across the north Buckingham Canal to ease traffic flow, but authorities have cited safety concerns and accidents in the past.

Traffic police at the junction acknowledge the congestion during peak hours and attribute it partly to the ongoing bridge construction at Elephant Gate. They believe the congestion will ease only after the completion of the new bridge. Meanwhile, reopening certain sections leading to Basin Power House Road and Basin Elephant Gate Road has been ruled out due to safety reasons.