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Bodies of Missing Youths Found in Kerala Farm Land

The bodies of two youths who had gone missing were discovered in a farm field near Palakkad, Kerala, a few days after their disappearance. The bodies of Shijith and Satheesh, who went missing on Monday, were found buried in a farm belonging to a man named Ananthan. Ananthan claimed to have set up an electric fence on his farm to deter wild animals, and he buried the bodies after discovering them.

However, he has been charged with destroying evidence, and the investigation is ongoing. Preliminary findings suggest that Shijith, Satheesh, and two other friends were involved in a fight on Sunday, prompting them to go into hiding. Concerned about possible arrest, they attempted to leave the area on Monday, but Shijith and Satheesh got trapped in the electric fence, leading to their deaths.