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Boosting Urban Development: Singara Chennai 2.0 Receives ₹500 Crore Allocation

The Tamil Nadu government’s continued commitment to urban development is evident with the allocation of ₹500 crore for Singara Chennai 2.0 in the fiscal year 2024-25. Jointly implemented by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB), this scheme aims to enhance various facets of the city’s infrastructure. With the GCC Budget presentation scheduled for February 21, the civic body will soon outline projects for the upcoming year.

Over the past three years, Singara Chennai 2.0 has seen significant progress, with 1,166 projects initiated, amounting to ₹1,146 crore. These projects encompass diverse domains such as heritage preservation, environmental sustainability, urban beautification, and civic amenities enhancement. As the scheme progresses, it continues to contribute to the transformation and modernization of Chennai, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable urban landscape for its residents.