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Border Security Success: BSF Thwarts Smuggling Attempts via Pakistani Drones

In a significant achievement, the Border Security Force (BSF) announced that it has successfully shot down or recovered 100 Pakistani drones used for smuggling narcotics, arms, and ammunition into Indian territory in 2023. The BSF Punjab Frontier revealed this accomplishment and detailed a three-pronged strategy to curb the movement of illicit substances across the border. The force not only intercepted the drones but also apprehended smugglers facilitating the illicit activities.

Additionally, the BSF emphasized its broader strategy, focusing on curbing drug supply, creating awareness against substance abuse, and empowering youth with skills for meaningful employment.

This success comes amidst heightened security measures, as demonstrated when the BSF recently foiled a smuggling attempt in Amritsar, seizing 434 grams of heroin dropped by a Pakistani drone violating Indian airspace. The vigilant response showcases the BSF’s commitment to safeguarding the border and preventing illegal activities.