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Boys of Private School Booked for Indecent Behavior towards Girl Students

A shocking incident came to light in Basaveshwaranagar, where an FIR has been lodged against a group of eighth-standard boys from a private school for flashing and behaving indecently with girl students in their class. The complaint was filed by one of the girl’s parents who learned about the obscene act on Tuesday. The accused boys had allegedly removed their clothes and subjected the girls to torture.

Upon reaching home, the distressed girl students informed their parents about the incident. The concerned parent raised the issue with the school management, demanding action against the boys and highlighting the school administration’s negligence.

However, the management reportedly ignored the complaint, leading to further frustration. The accused boys were reportedly sitting at the last bench when they engaged in lewd acts. The parent also expressed concern over the use of the Snapchat app by the students. In response to the alarming incident, the parent approached the police and registered an FIR on Wednesday, seeking appropriate action against the perpetrators.