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Business Leaders Urge PM Shehbaz to Initiate Trade Talks with India for Economic Benefits

During an interactive session with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan’s business leaders emphasized the importance of initiating trade talks with India to promote business and commerce. They believe that such talks would greatly benefit Pakistan’s economy, which is currently facing significant challenges. Despite the Prime Minister’s determination to tackle economic issues, industry leaders expressed concerns about the current business environment, citing high energy costs and inconsistent government policies as major obstacles.

The business community also urged the Prime Minister to focus on bringing political stability to the country, emphasizing its crucial role in economic revitalization. While discussing economic policies and proposals for achieving desired results, the business leaders highlighted the need for political stability and urged Shehbaz Sharif to initiate talks with imprisoned PTI founding chairman Imran Khan. They suggested that improved political stability and trade relations, particularly with India, could lead to substantial economic growth and development for Pakistan.