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Canadian Court Upholds No-Fly List for Sikh Extremists Despite Appeals

In a significant legal decision, the Federal Court of Appeal in Canada has dismissed the appeal of Bhagat Singh Brar and Parvkar Singh Dulai, affirming their placement on the country’s no-fly list under the Secure Air Travel Act. The court cited “reasonable grounds” to suspect that the individuals posed threats to transportation security or intended to commit terrorism offenses while traveling by air. This ruling follows their unsuccessful constitutional challenge in the Federal Court of Canada in 2022, where their rights were deemed to be minimally impaired due to evidence-based suspicions.

Despite arguments against the impairment of their rights, the appellate court found the legislation justified, emphasizing its proactive approach to preventing potential risks to public safety and national security. The decision underscores Canada’s stringent measures against terrorism-related activities, maintaining a balance between security imperatives and individual rights amid ongoing geopolitical sensitivities, particularly concerning Sikh extremist elements and their perceived connections to pro-Khalistan movements.