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Cash Stashed Under Bed: IT Department’s Major Raid in Bengaluru

The Income Tax Department conducted a significant raid in Bengaluru, uncovering crores of rupees in cash hidden beneath a bed. The flat in question is linked to a former woman corporator and her husband. The raid, which took place late on Thursday night, yielded an astounding sum of Rs 42 crore in Rs 500 denomination notes, concealed in 23 boxes under the bed.

This money is suspected to be part of a large fund collection effort in Bengaluru, primarily from gold jewelers and other sources, aimed at financing the upcoming Assembly elections in five states, especially in Rajasthan. While the flat was found empty and unoccupied, details about the owner remain undisclosed. The husband of the corporator is a contractor and part of the Contractor’s Association, making this raid a subject of significant interest.