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Central Team Evaluates Disaster Response at ICCC in Ripon Buildings

A central team, led by Kunal Satyarthi, advisor (policy and plan) from the National Disaster Management Authority, conducted an assessment of the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) in Ripon Buildings to evaluate the status of residents’ complaints during the recent cyclone in Chennai. The team commended the relief and rescue operations, deeming them “perfectly fine.”

The ICCC, equipped with 600 cameras across the city’s 15 zones, played a pivotal role in monitoring the situation and responding to more than 1200 civic issues daily during the initial stages of the cyclone. Officials used camera feeds to dispatch rescue teams to locations where residents couldn’t reach the helpline due to heavy rains.

The central team scrutinized data compiled by the ICCC to assess flood impacts in different zones, acknowledging the effectiveness of the center’s forecasting efforts and collaboration with various service departments. Chennai Corporation Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan highlighted the ICCC’s critical role, even when faced with challenges like the marooning of Ripon Buildings during the cyclone.