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Challenges Persist in Mullassery Canal Restoration Amid Fund Shortage and Technical Issues

The restoration of the Mullassery canal faces significant delays due to a combination of fund shortages and technical obstacles. Flooding caused by pipe bursts, particularly in areas like Fashion Street and the KSRTC bus station, has hampered progress, with trenches being inundated by wastewater from pipes laid by the Kerala Water Authority (KWA). This flooding has made it difficult for workers to pump out water and resume construction. Consequently, the project schedule has been disrupted, with completion taking longer than anticipated.

Moreover, the delay in clearing project bills, owing to financial constraints, further complicates matters, with the contractor awaiting payment of around ₹2.5 crore. Despite efforts to meet the May 31 deadline set by district authorities for the urban flood mitigation project, only 350 meters of the 829-meter-long canal have been completed so far. The situation is exacerbated by the need for additional resources and equipment, potentially stalling progress on the remaining stretches of the canal.