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Chennai Corporation announced the online pet license system

The Chennai Corporation has introduced an online pet license system, making it easier for pet owners to register their beloved companions. With the new system, residents of Chennai can now apply for and obtain pet licenses through a user-friendly online platform.

The online system aims to streamline the process of pet registration, ensuring that all pets in the city are accounted for and meet the necessary health and safety requirements. Pet owners can access the online portal from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices. The digital platform enables pet owners to provide essential information about their pets, such as breed, age, and vaccination records, in a convenient and organized manner.

By implementing this online system, the Chennai Corporation hopes to promote responsible pet ownership and ensure better compliance with pet-related regulations. The introduction of the online pet license system reflects the city’s commitment to embracing technology and simplifying administrative processes for the convenience of its residents.