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Chennai Corporation’s Ambitious Bio-Mining Project at Perungudi Dump Yard Nears Completion

The Chennai Corporation is on track to complete its ₹350 crore bio-mining project at the Perungudi garbage dumpyard by August 31. With 35 lakh tonnes of accumulated waste across 225.16 acres, the project aims to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and produce refuse-derived fuel (RDF) for use in cement factories. Segregated into six packages under the Swachh Bharat Mission scheme, three packages have already been processed, with the remaining expected to finish soon.

Post-completion, the Corporation plans to utilize the reclaimed land for various facilities, including a Bio-CNG plant, a windrow compost yard for wet waste, and an Automated Material Recovery Facility for dry waste. Despite earlier public opposition regarding the eco-park’s location near Pallikaranai marshland, the project moves forward with environmental sustainability as a key objective.