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Chennai Metrowater Initiates Water Meter Installation for Commercial and High-Rise Buildings

Chennai Metrowater is set to implement the installation of approximately 2.5 lakh water meters in commercial and high-rise buildings in both core and added areas. This project, which aims to promote judicious water usage and reduce non-revenue water due to leaks or theft, will be carried out in two phases under the Chennai City Partnership program.

The World Bank-funded initiative is currently in the detailed project report preparation stage, led by consultant Steady Taps, with tenders expected to be announced in the next two months. The plan prioritizes commercial, partially commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings with high water consumption for initial meter installation.

Smart electromagnetic meters with IoT sensors will be utilized for effective monitoring. The goal is to cover 90% of commercial and high-rise buildings under the water metering policy by 2025-26, promoting resource sustainability and responsible water usage. Smart meters with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) interfaces will provide real-time data, enabling consumers to monitor their usage and streamline billing cycles while facilitating online issue resolution. The meter installation project is expected to commence in 2024 and conclude within two years.