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LG unveils “India’s first TV with Artificial Intelligence”

Make In India series- Introduces 25 Artificial Intelligence (AI) models including New 4K JAZZ TV

Chennai; October 2018: LG Electronics India today launched the much-anticipated range of televisions in India featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) ThinQ. Designed to bring a new level of convenience, enhanced connectivity and a more immersive TV viewing experiences, the new range includes various models under its OLED, Super UHD, UHD, and Smart TV category.

With AI functionality in LG TVs, the consumers can directly speak into the remote to control TV functions and seamlessly discover and play content. These TVs doesn’t only work on fixed voice commands but also understand the intent of query before providing a search result. The TV not only listens and Answers but Listens, thinks and Answer. Additionally, there are a set of 800+ commands which works even without internet connection.

LG Electronics has also introduced New 4K JAZZ TV today, equipped with 35W Built-in Woofer&Ultra Bright IPS 4K Panel for Best 4K Experience along with ThinQ AI support. This TV serves as a total entertainment solution, providing both powerful sound and unmatched Picture Quality.

In total 25 TV’s featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) ThinQ, designed to bring a new level of convenience, enhanced connectivity, and a more immersive TV viewing experiences

These all products are developed & manufactured in India basis consumer insights.

On the occasion, Younchul Park, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India, said: “With the introduction of the new AI TV range, we are offering a well-rounded entertainment solution to our consumers. This is a good product mix of the latest technology along with Make in India theme. Artificial intelligence is definitely the road ahead for all our future products. AI functionality backed up with extensive research is incorporated in televisions with an aim of delivering a unique and more intuitive experience. Our focus is to offer a right mix of products basis Indian consumer insights, Sound is an important consideration for Indian consumers and JAZZ series is developed based on this insight. We are committed to making in India vision and our entire TV series is manufactured in India.”

Key Intelligent Features: AI TV’s

These are next generation of Smart TV powered with trendsetting AI technology. These TV’s allow the consumer to simply talk to intuitively control TV & search for desired content.

With a streamlined setup process, viewers can seamlessly connect to gaming consoles and external sound bars along with they can search for their favorite content like “Show action movies”, Open Yoga Videos etc.

Other unique features include Mobile Connection Overlay that enables the customers to view both the mobile and television screens simultaneously.

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